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The Trending Style Of Upside Down Bikini Tops

The upside down bikini trend began three years ago after model Valentina Fradegrada posted the style to her Instagram--and it was quickly copied. Other models and influencers gave the look a shot, only heightening the popularity of the upside down bikini trend. The trend itself is rather simple: take a string bikini and turn it upside-down. The result is completely new and fresh, different from the standard bikini but still simple and daringly sexy. And this trend isn't limited to just the models and influencers of the world, either. As the trend grew in popularity, bikini brands and other retail stores began creating their own 'upside-down' bikinis, all in an attempt to copy the unique flair of an upside down bikini. The result is world-wide availability, though you need nothing more than a string bikini to join the trend.

Models and influencers are to thank for this budding style, as you can now get the look at many major retail stores and other online locations. The instantaneous adoration of the upside down bikini trend is also thanks to the modeling capabilities of models and influencers, who trailblazed the trend with stunning ease. And while we all can't share the long and lean look of models like Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian, the upside down bikini trend does not discriminate. Bodies of all sizes and shapes benefit from the somewhat scandalous coverage and lift offered by an upside down bikini top.

How To Get The Look

Sporting an upside down bikini top is easier than you might think. Though there are plenty of complicated and intricate designs and tutorials floating around on Tik Tok and other Internet sources, the very basic 'turning it upside-down' style is proven cute and effective time and time again. To get this look, you'll tie the bottom straps around your neck, as you would tie your bikini top usually. The previous neck straps will then tie around your back. The result is cleavage-boosting and even underboob-showing, regardless of how large of a bust you have. Coverage is somewhat adjustable for this style, but since the scrunched bottoms of the triangle cups will be laying across your breasts, coverage adjustment is minimal. Though, having greater coverage is usually not the desire of those sporting the upside down bikini trend. Even some of the more generous string bikinis will take on a sexier, more revealing look when tied up upside down--which is perfect for picking up a summer tan.

But Is It Swimmable?

Swimsuits aren't meant to simply be a fashion statement, though it's appreciated when they have that dual purpose. First on the swimsuit priority list, for most women, is the ability to actually swim in it. Unfortunately, for the upside down bikini look, you'll be limited in what you can do at the beach or by the pool. Those who have tested the upside down bikini trend have admitted to the impracticality of the look when it comes to swimming or doing anything more than lounging, which could put a wedge in your beach day plans. If you have a smaller bust, you may be able to successfully splash and swim with an upside down bikini top, but the ladies that have tried the style warn against the look regardless of boob size. The structure of an upside down bikini top simply isn't as solid as when it's tied the usual way, resulting in bunched or sliding fabric that could cause a nip slip or two.

What To Love About It

The ladies who have given the upside down bikini trend a try, even if only for lounging and tanning, have reported some impressive benefits and loveable aspects.

  • Sustainable

The sustainability factor of the upside down bikini look is one of the favorites of all who try it. Think that old string bikini from 2017 has seen its last days? Think again. You can save money and slow the buildup of swimwear waste all with one cute trend.

  • Stylish

Upside down bikini tops have been on-trend since last year, and that trend isn't fading anytime soon. In fact. it's become popular enough for brands to create their own upside down styles. In most cases, these specially-curated styles are more supportive and practical than a DIY version, which is good news for those who love the look but also love to swim and splash.

  • Amplified Cleavage and Underboob

Regardless of what you're working with, the upside down bikini trend will make it look good. Women love the sexier look of wearing their bikini tops upside down, especially when it comes to tanning and picture taking.

  • Multiple Ways To Wear

As with the standard string bikini style, upside down styles can be tied and fashioned in a variety of ways. You can add crisscrosses, bows, waist wraps, and one-shoulder looks in a pinch to make the look even more unique.

What's Not So Great

Again, this isn't the trend to try for those looking for a supportive top. Though it is cute, the women who have tried the upside down bikini trend struggled to go about their days without frequent adjusting and fiddling, which makes it impractical for swimming purposes. But for an Instagram picture or for summer lounge days? The answer is a unanimous yes.